Rruga Shkelqim Fusha, Kodra Diellit, Tirane

Real Estate Valuation

Perla Real Estate

PERLA REAL ESTATE, with several years of experience in REAL ESTATE VALUATION, comes to the aid of its clients with the best experts in the field.

We treat every property with priority, we give our opinion on maximizing the profit by making a full assessment and analysis of the property for sale or rent, as well as for different uses, compensations, property division, insurance effect, inheritance division, amortized properties etc.

In the practice of our work, we are based on European Standards (EVS) and International Standards (IVS) in the absence of Albanian Standards.

We carry out a wide range of assessments such as:

Private house
Industrial facilities (private or state)
Complex property
Plot of land
Agricultural land
Forests, etc.

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